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Please pay attention to the fact that children's playing vehicles with pneumatic tyres are no longer delivered with valve caps.

Discover the world with the balance bike

Balance bikes are very popular among children from the age of two to four. Parents and children have discovered the advantages of a balance bike since a long time: Children learn quite easily with a balance bike to move independently and free. Children feel safe on the balance bike, because they feel the ground under their feet at any time. Important motor skills like coordination and sense of balance are trained and the basis for cycling is formed. Furthermore, the child can already cover longer distances on the balance bike and keep up with your pace - and that's a great motivation for the little bikers. A balance bike is hence a completely practical and useful purchase and an essential part of the children's fleet.

In our balance bike online shop you can buy high-quality balance bikes and only those of renowned manufacturers, who stand for quality. That includes, i. e.: BambinoBike, Berg, Kettler, Kiddimoto, Kokua, Puky, Winora, and Winther.

Buy a balance bike - what to bear in mind

Children on Kettler balance bikes
Discover the world on the balance bike

The selection of balance bikes is very big. A balance bike made of wood or alu, with or without a brake - the purchase decision is not always easily done with regards to so many different brands and models. In our balance bike purchase guide we show you, what you should bear in mind purchasing a balance bike. That's how you will find the balance bike, which meets best the requirements of you and your children in safety and quality.

Indication of age or height - what is more reliable?

Balance bikes are avialable in different sizes between 8 and 12.5 inches. That's why you have to find out first, which size of balance bike is suitable for your child. Many manufacturers indicate the recommended height besides the recommended age. In this: The age is only a rough guide. Finally, children are not always of the same height being of the same age. Much more essential is the height of the child, when you buy a balance bike. That's why you should be oriented towards the height recommended by the manufacturer, when you buy a balance bike.

It also depends upon the individual development of the child from which point of time a child is ready for the balance bike. Not every child wants to use a balance bike from the age of two. Because controlling the courses of motion and the speed while driving have to be learned first at this age.

Adjusting possibilities: many balance bikes grow with the user

Most of the balance bikes are height adjustable on the saddle and ideally also on the handlebar. That is very practical, because the balance bike can be individually adjusted to the height of the child and it grows with the child from the beginning. Hence the balance bike can be used for a longer period and can finally be given to the younger little brother or little sister.

The correct saddle position is found, when the child touches completely the ground with both feet (and not only with the toe) while sitting. That is very important, because children typically accelerate and brake with their feet while using a balance bike.

Buy a balance bike made of wood or made of metal

Of course, it is matter of taste and depends upon personal opinions whether it's a children's balance bike made of wood or made of metal. Please bear in mind that both materials provide quite different features. Depending upon where and how often a balance bike is used, either metal or wood might be the right choice for your child.

The advantage of wood balance bikes is that they are often relatively light. That makes the use with the wood balance bike quite easy for your little children. Transporting the balance bike with a low weight is easier, when the child wants to be on his father's shoulders and the balance bike needs to be brought home at the same time. Wood is a natural, regrowing material, but all in all it requires a bit more maintenance: When the balance bike is left outside in all weathers, it might weather. After every outdoor tour, it is recommended to store the balance bike at a dry place. That's why you should pay attention to a high-quality workmanship (no splinter) as well as a weatherproof coating. However, when the balance bike is mainly or only used indoors, a wood balance bike is ideal. The pioneer for wood balance bikes was KOKUA, that was one of the first that produced balance bikes made of wood. The manufacturers offer different design versions: from the classic balance bike to the retro scooter.

Balance bikes made of metal have a stable, varnished steel tube frame and are very shock- and weatherproof. A balance bike made of metal is useful, when the balance bike is often used outside. Please pay attention to a high-quality powder coating: The varnish should be shockproof and resist shocks common in everyday life - without making the metal frame visible after every little scratch. However, these models are a bit heavier and are rather suitable for an older target group, that can hold well the balance bike.

Tyres: Air or plastic

Children on Berg balance bikes
Pneumatic tyres – ideal for tours over rough and smooth
When you buy a balance bike, you can choose from plastic or solid rubber tyres and pneumatic tyres. Both tyres have their advantages and disadvantages:
Plastic or solid rubber tyres do not require any maintenance. They are less prone to breakdowns, but they are thinner. They do not absorb shocks that well and are mainly suitable for smooth floorings, i. e., on the play street. It might be a bit bumpy with plastic tyres on uneven grounds like forest tracks.
Pneumatic tyres offer the best driving comfort: They compensate unevennesses, absorb shocks better, and protect the little spine of your child. In addition, they provide a better grip on the floor thanks to their profile. That's why balance bikes with pneumatic tyres are suitable for almost every ground - perfect for wild adventure tours over rough and smooth. However, from time to time air needs to be inflated and - if required - the inner tube needs to be replaced, but that is quickly done.

Balance bike with handbrake

Buying a balance bike with handbrake?

It depends upon the age of the child whether a balance bike should be equipped with a brake or not. Small beginner balance bikes are not equipped with a brake, in general. That's for a good reason, because little children have to concentrate fully on balancing the balance while using the balance bike. Using a brake is a coordinative challenge, which might be too high. In this case, it is really safer to go without a brake for the balance bike and to let the child brake with its feet (important: The child has to stand with the sole of the foot on the floor). In addition, little children often do not have the required power in their hands to use a handbrake and to dose well the braking power.

However, from a balance bike size of 12 inches and older, trained balance bike users with a safe style of driving, a handbrake suitable for children might be useful. Because taller children can be quite fast with a balance bike. When you live in a landscape full of hills, then a handbrake that effects the rear wheel, is also practical. Furthermore, it prepare optimally to the braking while cycling. The Puky balance bike LR1Br, i. e., is equipped with a handbrake.

Limited turn radius for balance bike beginner

Some balance bikes, especially those for beginners, are equipped with a limited turn radius. It avoids that the handlebar turns on its own axis during quick steering movements - it then moves only to a certain degree. This function is very useful for beginners with balance bikes, because the balance bike does not fall down in every sharp curve. However, a limited turn radius is not absolutely required for bigger balance bikes.

Everything for safety on the balance bike

Balance bike handlebar with safety handles and handlebar padding
Safety handles and impact protection
Even if driving a balance bike is quite safe, little falls are not evitable. Falls belong to the learning phase, because the little child has to keep the balance, to coordinate the movements, and to learn to judge the speed. That's why you should pay attention to a handlebar that is equipped with large safety paddings and nonslip handles. Handlebar paddings avoid that the child falls with the nose on the hard handlebar, when it falls down. The handles should be nonslip. The child has to hold safely and well the handlebar, even when it is wet outside.
When you buy a balance bike, please also pay attention to an access height that is as low as possible for your child. A low step-through like that of the Puky LR M facilitates the child to get on and off. Another important feature is an ergonomic seat. We only offer models in our online shop for balance bikes, which are equipped with a saddle that is suitable for children's ergonomics. A correct and healthy posture is very important mainly in childhood. And: A helmet is an absolutely required part of the basic equipment of a balance bike.

Balance bike with low step-throughsrc="" />
Puky balance bike LR M with low step-through

Kickstand of balance bike

A kickstand of balance bikes should allow for parking safely the balance bike at any time. However, in practice, it is rather impractical: The use of the kickstand is not that easy for children at the age of two to four. They rather lay the bike down on the floor. In addition, it bears a certain risk of injury. KOKUA offers for its balance bikes made of wood an appropriate sidestand as optional upgrade - if required.

What's the point of time when a child is too big for a balance bike?

That can be quite different depending upon the development and the preferences of the child: Some children already use a little bike at the age of three, others at the age of four prefer to use their balance bike. How long a child uses the balance bike also depends upon the size of the balance bike and whether it grows with the child. Let your child decide, when it is ready for a children's bike.
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