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Swing sticks and aerobic sticks - get in top shape with swing sticks

Swing sticks and aerobic sticks are simple, effective, and versatile trendy fitness tools, which are used for physiotherapy, at gym, and for individual training at home. The whole body is strengthened and stabilized by exercising with swing sticks and aerobic sticks.

In addition, this equipment is suitable for increase in muscle power and improvement of coordination. Counteract preventively or with a lasting effect unilateral stress, mal postures, and back complaints by means of an aerobic stick or swing stick !

In contrast to aerobic sticks, swing sticks are made swinging so the muscles are stimulated by compensating the swing - and muscle building is supported. Holding the swinging swing stick in different positions has a training effect on corresponding muscles. Loosen or prevent tensions with a swing stick. We offer swing sticks of different manufacturers, i.e., Taurus, Kettler or Flexibar.

An aerobic stick is a stick combined with a tube for doing resistance training. We offer swing sticks as well as aerobic sticks of different versions and strengthes - so you can find the appropriate training tool for you.

Due to an easy use and versatile possibilities of use, these unique training devices inspire fitness athletes and physiotherapists as well as leisure sportsmen and serious athletes. Swing sticks and aerobic sticks are often used in group workouts - indoor, outdoor or on water. This sport equipment is the perfect solution for each fitness level and training target.
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Europe's No. 1 for home fitness
67x in Europe